It’s helpful to think about the construction process in phases so that you can keep perspective on where you are in the process. We recently came across this helpful article that broke down budgeting for construction into four phases, so we wanted to share those with you along with our own insight into how the phases of preparing and following a budget for a construction project typically unfold.

The first step is to fully research and analyze the project, especially your requirements as well as your limitations. Before doing anything else, you need to have a clear picture of the “must haves” for your building as well as your absolute spending limit when it comes to spending.

The second step then will be to design and develop your building. This is where having an experienced engineer and architect in your corner will make a world of difference. We offer in-house architect and engineering services to make sure our customers are set up for success from the beginning.

The third step will be documentation. This includes any permits or contracts that might be necessary before breaking ground. Again, having someone in charge who has been down this road before can help you to navigate any red tape with ease.

Then finally, the fourth step is the actual construction and closeout. In this phase, it’s important to keep close track of your progress and keep as close to your schedule as possible. Every construction project will have a few hurdles pop up, but the more careful your planning is in the beginning, the more easily you’ll be able to clear those hurdles.