Perhaps the most important component to facilities maintenance is preventative maintenance. This is maintenance that is performed on all sorts of materials or appliances on a routine basis.

It’s not performed because something is wrong per se, but instead to test a material or piece of equipment to see if it’s performing as expected. Performing preventative maintenance can help avoid or detect more serious concerns before they reach an emergency situation or compromise your business performance. And preventative maintenance can help extend the life of your equipment before an outright replacement is necessary.

A successful preventative maintenance program helps establish consistent practices that improve performance and safety of your equipment.

While implementing a preventative maintenance program can cost time and money, the benefits outweigh those concerns.

Here are 5 benefits of preventative maintenance:

  1. Decreases equipment downtime and major repairs

 2.   Conservation of assets and eliminates premature replacement and costs

 3.   Reduced overtime costs and economical use of maintenance workers

 4.   Fewer large-scale repairs

 5.   Improved safety and quality conditions for everyone.

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