Campbell Construction Inc. has been a Butler Builder for more than 30 years. In fact, we’re not only one of the largest pre-engineered metal building contractors in Ohio, but we have consistently been ranked amongst the top 100 pre-engineered metal building contractors nationwide. So what makes a Butler Building stand apart from the competition? Here are six reasons why people choose Butler Buildings:

1 Butler Buildings require fewer parts than competing systems, which makes them faster and easier to assemble.

2 Every component is thoroughly engineered and rigorously tested.

3 Butler is a sustainability conscious company. Butler building systems contain up to 74% recycled steel, and Butler steel buildings can be disassembled, relocated and reused.

4 Butler products require minimal maintenance. In fact, the Butler MR-24 roof system has a proven in-place performance of more than 40 years!

5 When working with us a Butler Builder, you can request a customized “total cost of ownership” report. You may be surprised to learn that ninety percent of a building’s cost is in its operation, not in the cost of building. Butler makes it easy to plan for the future of your business.

6 Butler Buildings can adapt to your needs. With high performing roof, wall, structural, and insulating systems, these pre-engineered metal buildings are an excellent solution for a variety of construction projects.