When you reach the point where you are ready to begin planning for a new project to help fit your needs, there are several considerations you need to make. First, consider your basics and your needs. Look at your needs, your budget, and where you may need to draw the line. Be realistic and consider the absolute latest completion date and maximum budget. Think who you want as your dream team. Put together a team and determine the main point of contact for your construction services.Take time to consider who will be your general contractor or if you prefer a design-build option.

Determine your expectations for your project. Sit down with your contractor in order to make your preferences known and find out what they will do for you along the way. Ask what your priorities for the project are. Do you want that 500-gallon aquarium in the lobby, or do you need to reprioritize things? Sit down with your team and decide how to best use all available resources. And ask them what impact the project will have on your community, or the environment. Address these issues early so you can be prepared if issues arrive.