It may seem that pre-engineered buildings are more expensive than paying a construction team to install and weld a steel frame together. Not the case.

Pre-engineered buildings in fact offer a variety of savings in construction costs, maintenance and replacement, making them a viable option.

Many pre-engineered metal buildings and, especially steel buildings, can be cost-effective, weather-resistant, and ultimately last anywhere from 20-30 years longer than a traditional “stick-built” structure.

Some of the benefits to pre-engineered buildings is they are virtually maintenance-free, they last longer, and can be customized to any size for your desired uses.

In fact, many pre-engineered metal buildings come pre-assembled in kit form, complete with numbered and detailed plans ready for a small team of less than a handful of people to construct.

A pre-engineered steel building can be used to install warehouses, horse barns, distribution centers, offices, fire stations, sports arenas, churches, and so many other building types.

In many cases a pre-engineered building structure can be a great investment. Please contact Campbell Construction Inc., today to help investigate if a pre-engineered building is right for your building needs.