There are many tangible benefits to having an uninterrupted workflow on your construction project using a design-build contractor like Campbell Construction. Here are just a few:

  • Single Point Responsibility. When you’re only dealing with one contractor, you only have one party responsible for all aspects of the project. This alone makes every step of the construction project much simpler as it streamlines communication.
  • Improved Project Quality. Because we know and choose every material being used in your project, we can be sure it’s the highest quality available on the market today.
  • Cost Savings. Design-build projects cost, on average, 6% less than comparable projects build using the design-bid-build method. That’s a significant savings.
  • Time Savings. Your building will start working for you sooner using the design-build method, which typically completes projects 12% faster than the design-bid-build method.
  • Improved Risk Management. When you build with Campbell Construction, any and all work on the project is done through us and our trusted network of subcontractors. We minimize risk by knowing exactly what work is being done and that it’s being done by qualified, experienced professionals.

There are countless important decisions to make when starting your construction project, but by choosing us as your design-build contractor, you’ll simplify every decision that follows. Let us help you get started with our team of experienced professionals today.