Campbell Construction is a leading design-build construction company with a respected reputation throughout Northeast Ohio. The design-build construction method is one where the design and construction services are contracted by a single entity.

The design-build method relies on a single point of responsibility and is the primary construction method for reducing costs and time on a project from concept to reality.

We excel at design-build construction. It is our passion at Campbell Construction. It is also the reason why we employ an in-house architect, a design team, civil and structural engineer, and design technicians.

Our industrial and commercial customers prefer design-build when they are looking to save money and quickly construct a new building to meet their goals.

But when our customers are in need of pre-engineered buildings, they also come to us.

We are one of the largest contractors in the state of Ohio for pre-engineered metal buildings and are an authorized Butler Builder. Pre-engineered metal buildings are ideal in a variety of markets when customers are looking to save time and money, yet do not want to sacrifice quality.

Campbell Construction has been a contractor for Butler Manufacturing buildings since 1986.

Butler buildings have a strong reputation within the construction industry and are well-known as quality metal, insulated, and weather-tight structures that are suitable for multiple uses.

When you are in need of quality design-build services, or if your project requires a pre-engineered metal building, contact Campbell Construction today!