When it comes time to invest in your next commercial or industrial building project, the right project delivery system can make all the difference. Here’s a closer look at why working with a design-build contractor could be the right choice for you.

What is Design-Build?
Design-build is a system in which design and construction work are both handled by a single entity. The same contractor is responsible for both phases of the project, drawing on the historical concept of a “master builder.”

Single-Point Responsibility
Having a single point of responsibility is an important element of design-build projects. When customers only have one point of contact for communication, it reduces the likelihood of miscommunications disrupting the work. With a single entity supervising all work, it also reduces the customer’s liability in these circumstances, and the design-build contractor takes full responsibility for the project’s successes and setbacks.

Improved Risk Management
Because the design-build contractor is responsible for all individuals working on the project, it greatly reduces the risk associated with any complex building project — even when working with multiple subcontractors. The design-build contractor ensures that payments and construction progress are kept on schedule. This helps to avoid costly delays in materials, labor, or financing so that the project can be completed on-time and on-budget.

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