If you are considering a large commercial or industrial construction project and have decided to approach your project utilizing a construction manager, we would like to be your choice. Construction management, a service provided by Campbell Construction, encompasses all aspects of the project, ensures that deadlines are being met, and serves as your representative on the job site. Every detail throughout the design and construction process, including the materials used or managing the project’s timeline, are all under the guidance of the construction manager.

A construction manager is your representative during design and construction. This role ensures that all companies involved in your projects are working efficiently, and if needed, the construction manager fixes work site problems on your behalf. Responsible for communicating with you frequently, a construction manager alerts you to any issues that may require your attention.

One important role of a construction manager is to ensure that the project complies with a wide range of guidelines and regulations. Every state and municipality has rules that need to be adhered to when it comes to zoning, the environment, and equally important, job site safety. It’s the construction manager’s duty to know and follow these guidelines throughout the construction process.

Here at Campbell, construction management is just one of the many tasks we can perform for you during your next project. Contact us today to see how we can help you bring your vision to reality!