More and more companies are starting to recognize the benefits of metal roofs, and when it comes to a long-lasting installation that will provide full protection for your commercial or industrial building, you can’t go wrong with the Butler MR-24 Standing Seam Roof.

As many a Butler builder can attest, this seamless metal roofing option provides unsurpassed protection against the elements. Metal roofing is resistant to wind, fire, hail, and other severe weather. For added strength and durability, the MR-24 Standing Seam Roof even includes moveable clips that allow for safe expansion and contraction of the metal when temperatures rise or fall.

 These metal roofs are also ideal for improving your facility’s energy efficiency and reducing your maintenance needs. Metal roofing is highly eco-friendly in the first place, and the ability to add extra insulation or use “cool” roofing colors can help you save even more on your energy costs. The durable factory-punched panel design also requires little extra care, allowing many facilities to reduce their repair and maintenance expenses by as much as 90%.

 As a long-lasting metal roofing option that will protect your industrial building and improve its energy efficiency, the Butler MR-24 Standing Seam Roof is a great selection for almost any facility.