At Campbell Construction, we’re proud to have been able to provide quality construction work since 1953. It’s incredible to see the wide range of projects we’ve completed over the years, but we’re confident that this further illustrates how we are the right commercial contractor for your building and design needs.

 Differences in facility sizes is one area where it’s easy to see how diverse our experiences have been over the years. From tiny 1,500 square foot facilities for a payday loan office to a 400,000 square foot industrial complex for Insite Real Estate Development, our team has provided quality construction for projects both big and small.

 The sheer level of diversity over the years has made every project truly unique. Our design-build team has constructed office spaces for golf courses. We’ve built schools and hospital additions. We’ve built banks and auto body shops. We’ve worked with small local businesses and national brands like Pepsi-Cola and TCBY.

 None of this work has been accomplished as the result of a single person. Every project has been a team effort involving engineers, architects, construction managers, and other important individuals.

 We’re proud of what we’ve achieved in the past, but we’re even more excited about what the future holds. By continuing to strive for our company values of putting the customer first and exceeding expectations, we know the future has even greater things in store.