Our expertise with construction projects means that we know a lot about roofs, and we believe Butler Manufacturing creates some of the best roof products in the industry.

We have installed their roofs on our commercial and industrial construction projects for over 30 years, and their M-24 Standing Seam Roof is simply the best.

The first MR-24 roof was installed in 1969. The M-24 roof acts as a monolithic steel surface that covers the entire building. It is designed specifically with moveable clips to accommodate roof movement during weather fluctuations, and it improves the energy efficiency of your roof.

It is easy to see why this product has been an industry leader for over 40 years.

With an M-24 roof installed by Campbell Construction, the roof creates an exclusive 360-degree Pittsburg double-lock seam for superior performance and protection compared to other roofs on the market.

It is designed to be durable and It can save you up to 90% on roof maintenance costs.

The MR-24 roof is 24 gauge in thickness and has a Galvalume finish which can be factory painted. For your next roofing project, contact Campbell Construction. If you want a quality roof, select the M-24 Butler roof to protect your building.