Is your business ready to start a construction project in NE Ohio for a commercial, industrial or institutional facility? Don’t start up the machinery just yet! Here are some important steps to take before a single shovel hits the dirt.

A recent article on ModSpace outlined “4 Must-do Steps for Starting a New Construction Project” that we thought were helpful to share with our current and future customers. First, start a checklist and get every aspect of the project on paper, even down to details like jobsite storage and what permits are needed. Second, establish a timeline for the project. Third, and in direct response to the second tip, anticipate delays; these are an inevitable part of any construction project but the right contractor can help to minimize delays and provide an uninterrupted workflow. And fourth, make use of all available resources and utilize recommendations from trusted colleagues and associates.

At Campbell Construction, we can provide the services you need for your construction project from start to finish. We have in-house engineering and architectural services that work seamlessly with our extensive in-house construction team that provides everything from concrete work to utility installation, excavation, masonry, carpentry, steel erection, siding and roofing.