Campbell Construction Inc., is a full service commercial and industrial roofing contractor. We can help install new roofs, or fix trouble areas in an emergency situation, and even provide roof maintenance programs.

But what should you do if you discover a leaking roof at your facility?

First thing is first — focus on moving what you can, and covering what you can’t move in order to mitigate the damage caused by your leak.

 Next, try to contain any water within your facility so it does not turn into a larger issue.

 Along the way, take as many pictures as possible. These pictures can help both a roofing professional understand the issue with your roof and help provide documentation if your insurance company gets involved.

 The only thing that is left is to contact a roofing professional, such as Campbell Construction, in order to help identify and fix the issues with your roof.

Campbell Construction has a long history providing quality construction in commercial and industrial building, as well as roofing solutions. Contact us today for your roofing needs and let us guide you through the process of installing a new roof, fixing an emergency issue, or establishing a roof maintenance program.