Campbell Construction is a leader in the design-build construction method. This process entails a single entity providing design and construction services on a project. As a design-build construction company, we offer architectural, engineering, construction management, and construction services and consistently exceed our customer’s expectations in the commercial, industrial, educational, and institutional sectors.

The design-build method is not a new concept.

It actually is compared to the “master builder” approach to construction which extends back to the world’s first civilizations.Long ago, the Greeks gave the ancient masterbuilder the name ảpxitέktwv (architekton), from which the Romans derived the Latin name, architectus. Both words literally mean “masterbuilder”—as denoting one responsible for the design and construction of the built environment. Throughout history the world’s greatest architectural achievements were built using this strategy, the master builder was responsible for the entire construction project including design.

The word “architect” is derived from the ancient Greeks and Romans. Both civilizations called the person responsible for the entire building environment a “master builder.” Throughout those ancient writings, a master builder is someone who blends theory with craftsmanship.

The master builder’s profession blends design and construction with wisdom and knowledge.

Until the 18th century, this master builder was responsible for the design of a project and all phases of construction. The master builder had unquestioned authority over all aspects of the construction project.

The master builder differs from modern architects or contractors, both in the scope of work and overall responsibilities. Campbell Construction is passionate about design-build projects.

Our team and our customers prefer the design-build process due to its similarities to the “master builder” approach.

In the end, by utilizing the “Master Builder – Design-Build” approach, our customers can realize an economical, attractive, efficient and quality filled project which will endure the test of time.