It’s much easier to complete projects in a timely manner — and get high-quality results for your design-build project — when everything is taken care of under one roof. With this goal in mind, Campbell Construction offers in-house civil and structural engineering services for all design-build projects.

Civil Engineering

Civil engineering refers to the branch of engineering involved in the construction of buildings and other infrastructure products. Civil engineers are involved in all stages of the work, from the initial conception and design to the actual construction and ongoing maintenance of the structure.

Civil engineers consider many issues when planning a construction project, including material expenses, the need for permits, and even local soil conditions. This ensures a cost-effective design and hassle-free construction.

Structural Engineering

A subset of civil engineering, structural engineering plays a vital role in large-scale construction projects. Structural engineers provide key insights to design-build contractors in regards to selecting the right structural systems for the building’s load.

Material selection and weight-bearing structural design ensure that buildings are stable and secure, and will last for many, many years.

By offering engineering services in-house, our team can provide seamless service that avoids costly miscommunications and ensures that your project is completed in a timely manner. Contact our engineers today to see for yourself how they can make a difference!