Having a top-notch engineer is critical for the success of any construction project. Here at Campbell Construction, we also feel that it’s essential for an engineer to have a working knowledge and understanding of project management.

Why is this so important? In an article for Engineering.com, author and engineer Christian Knutson identifies five key reasons why engineers need to understand project management in order to do their jobs most effectively. First, it helps the engineer develop a framework of operating procedures. Second, when this framework is applied, it results in consistency. Third, the consistent and high-quality work then leads to a reputation for excellence in your field. Fourth, project management skills in turn develop an engineer’s risk assessment skills. And fifth, it leads directly to professional development and growth, which is always a good thing.

We have in-house civil and and structural engineering services available for all of our design-build projects. Because we are the single point of responsibility for such projects, we make sure that our team has the knowledge and experience necessary to provide the highest quality services possible. Our engineering staff are well-versed in project management principles so as to yield all of the benefits discussed above when working on your project, no matter what you’re looking to build.