As any professional building contractor can attest, understanding the construction process—especially the submittal phase—is essential for a successful outcome in any construction project. But why do these papers make such a big difference?

To start, it helps to understand that there are several types of submittals that your building contractor might use. For example, there are shop drawings, which show diagrams and schedules to visually illustrate how a particular part of the work will be completed by a building contractor. Other submittals include mockups and product data.

 This information is generally submitted to the architect to show how the construction team will complete the work in accordance with the project’s design guidelines. Quite often, the submittals need to be certified by a secondary design professional before they are sent to the architect.

 With the submittals in hand, the architect then goes over the information to ensure that everything will be completed in compliance with the designs and expectations for the project. This system of checks and balances ensures that all work is completed appropriately and professionally, eliminating the risk of costly errors or miscommunications before the actual construction work begins.