Did you know that Campbell Construction is one of NE Ohio’s certified Butler Builders? As one of the largest pre-engineered metal building contractors in NE Ohio, Campbell Construction is consistently ranked among the top 100 pre-engineered metal building contractors in the nation.

What makes Butler buildings stand above the rest? Not only are their products some of the highest quality in the industry, but they are rigorously tested and constantly being improved according to the latest developments in technology and manufacturing. When you build with Campbell Construction and Butler, you’re building with the best. Even with top quality products, the Butler Manufacturing system is also more economical than comparable building systems, which can help your business save money without sacrificing quality.

Butler buildings are also built with sustainability in mind. All Butler projects make the most of the amount of steel used to meet exact design specifications by eliminating waste and contain up to 74% recycled steel. Butler buildings are also incredibly adaptable. They can be disassembled and relocated, which extends their lifetime use and reduces the need for new materials. The minimal maintenance required for Butler buildings further adds to their sustainability and therefore your company’s savings. In fact, the MR-24 roof system has a proven in-place performance of over 40 years.