These days, it seems that more and more companies are opting for design-build contracts when they need help with a construction project. There’s good reason behind this. Design-build contractors are able to provide both architectural services and construction services under one roof, allowing clients to have a single contact point to manage both the design and building aspects of their project.

Rather than having you set up contracts with multiple service providers, the design-build model puts this responsibility on the design-build contractor. The contractor either provides all services relevant to the project (such as engineering and construction management) in-house, or they set up work with subcontractors themselves. As a result, design and construction can happen simultaneously to create a more efficient workflow.

 The right design-build team can successfully guide you from initial pre-construction assessments to the design phase, and then on to construction and post-construction. By working with a quality design-build company, you can enjoy great peace of mind by using a single entity to oversee the ins and outs of your project. By improving communication and job completion speed, you can get better value from your investment and reduce your project costs.