These days, people are increasingly concerned about what impact their actions have on the environment—and the construction services industry is no different. Here at Campbell Construction, we’re proud to have been a member of the U.S. Green Building Council for almost ten years. We know that everything we can do to make our commercial building processes more environmentally friendly makes a difference.

 Here are three ways our construction services team lessens our environmental impact:

Efficient Design: Our green focus starts in the design phase. We actively look for ways to improve design efficiency, such as trying to fit existing land grades and setting space limitations for our work. Minimizing waste and improving efficiency isn’t just environmentally-friendly—it also speeds up construction and lowers costs.

Environmentally-Friendly Materials: Many products used in commercial building can actually be sourced from recycled materials. We try to use items that contain recycled materials to reduce our environmental impact. By using regionally-manufactured products in our work, we can also limit pollution associated with transportation.

Recycling: Finally, we try to ensure that any waste produced from our commercial building projects doesn’t just go to fill up a landfill. We use designated waste receptacles, the contents of which are then sorted at a recycling facility. At our LEED sites, approximately 90% of our waste is ultimately recycled.