Machine Foundation & Pits

Turnkey Design, Engineering and Installation Solutions for Machine Pits and Foundations

Campbell Construction Inc., provides design, engineering, and installation services for a wide range of  machine foundations and press pits.  We are known for our ability to quickly assess your needs and deliver a thorough engineered solution that improves constructibility and minimizes cost, schedule, and follow-up work.

We have decades of experience designing and constructing machine foundations and press pits and have successfully dealt with a host of challenges over the years which make us uniquely qualified.

With the ability to work directly with the manufacturer and client, Campbell is able to utilize  the manufacturer’s drawings to generate an engineered foundation/pit specifically tailored to accommodate the customer’s needs.

Campbell also participates in Turn-key installations which include all electrical, mechanical, floor plating, roof raises and building additions.

We have delivered these results reliably across many industries including automotive, manufacturing, medical, printing, steel fabrication, rubber & plastics, mold & die, and fluid power.

Campbell Construction_machine foundation and pits
Campbell Construction_machine foundation and pits

Things to think about when preparing for the construction
of machine foundations and press pits.

Machine Foundations and Press Pits require expertise in design, engineering, and installation.  We can guide you through these steps and develop a detailed layout of the foundation/pit required for your application with consideration for the following items:

Isolation Slabs, Vibration Pads, Tie Rods, Floor Plating, Sumps, Trenches Conveying systems, and Concrete Mix Designs.

Concrete machine foundations and press pits  for these manufacturers

  • Minster, Bliss, Weingartner, Verson, Clearing, and many others.
Campbell Construction_machine foundation and pits