As an experienced commercial contractor, we’ve been involved in a wide variety of projects over the years. While you might think this simply means that we’ve helped build banks and fast food restaurants, this range of experience goes well beyond typical brick-and-mortar stores. Few projects are a better example of this than when we were recently built a new facility for Splash Car Wash in Green, Ohio.

As you might imagine, this type of work is a bit different from what you might normally associate with construction services. Our team was tasked with the construction of a new 5,957 square foot tunnel-style car wash for Splash Car Wash.

This automatic drive-through wash facility required much more than an appealing exterior design. The car wash also needed to safely house complicated washing equipment, as well as a  conveyor-based system that would guide vehicles through the wash. In addition to the building itself, the facility also needed to allocate room for additional parking where drivers could take care of vacuuming and other interior cleaning tasks.

None of this was a problem for our experienced construction services team. A thorough understanding of both design and building principles ensured that the work was completed quickly and effectively, resulting in a fantastic-looking facility that is now open for business. Drivers can get their cars cleaned in a matter of minutes, while Splash Car Wash continues to attract new customers.