If you survived the recent Polar Vortex then you understand exactly how cold and unpleasant it can get outside in Ohio winters. Despite how cold it gets in Ohio, there are still construction crews and contractors working.

Here are a few pros and cons when undertaking a construction project in Ohio during the winter.

Contractors and construction companies still need to work through the winter to make a living. But those in the construction industry are typically less busy than during warmer months. If you start a project in the winter, workers are more likely to meet your time tables in return. You may also get a better price for your project in the depths of winter.

Construction crews are also able to work when it is snowing outside, which is different from when it rains. More often than not work needs to stop when the rain starts.

Lastly, government agencies are usually less busy in the winter months and should be able to get permits to you much quicker. Of course, there are obstacles to working on a construction project during the winter. Weather delays can occur. But more importantly, your construction team will need to work around the pitfalls of winter.

You may need to have your site shoveled or plowed in order to gain access.

Alternate heating sources may also need to be utilized for both the workers themselves or for certain materials to work properly. Finally, in winter the days are much shorter, thus reducing the amount of time worked at your site.

Construction projects are still able to take place through the winter, but it is important to understand both the challenges and opportunities.