When it comes to the safety of our employees and clients, we make sure to take every precaution. Campbell Construction values safety at all of our job sites, especially when there is the potential for falls and being injured by falling objects.

The Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA) requires protections when employees are exposed to falls of greater than six feet and requires the use of a hard hat when there is overhead work. Guardrails or other barriers are acceptable fall protection devices. But when not applicable, we require other protections such as safety harnesses, lifelines, or positioning device systems to be in place. These systems are inspected to ensure they are not defective before they are used at a job site.

We also take time to train our employees on how to safely use these systems when required.

Campbell Construction offers 10 hour OSHA training to all field employees and 30 hour training for our field supervision staff. Additionally, we have weekly safety meetings in order to educate all personnel on methods to work safely and intelligently while on a job site.

Any job site presents unique challenges and possible hazards for workers.

When it comes to safety, Campbell Construction looks for any hazards and uses our training and protection systems to prevent accidents.

By providing a safer work site for our employees and customers, we can provide a superior finished product that was constructed safely and efficiently.

At Campbell Construction our people are our clients are our greatest assets. We remain focused on ways to protect them and keep them safe.