No matter what your business you are in, setting up a preventative maintenance plan for your facility is an important aspect of your operations. By setting up a preventative maintenance program, you can stay ahead of minor issues before they turn into catastrophic, and costly, problems.

A great starting point is to create a general process for repairs at your facility — who is in charge of your maintenance program, when a repair requires a general contractor or can be handled in house.

Next, set up a preventative maintenance plan for your equipment and regular upkeep items throughout your facility, including any warranties on equipment or products. And understand when pieces of equipment or things like carpet merely need a cleaning.

And for each piece of equipment or item in your facility establish a list of pre-qualified contractors you have worked with in past or trust to get the job done. For instance, when you have a roofing issue arise at your facility, the issue can be easily addressed if you have a roofer pre-approved or one you already have a relationship with.

And the last step is to create a tracking system for all of the items in your preventative maintenance program, perhaps on a spreadsheet, and listing everything with a pre-approved local/Ohio contractor.

This process from start to finish can help you get organized and will help you stay on track when preventative maintenance is needed throughout your facility.