Site Selection Services

Site Selection Assistance

Campbell Construction understands when a company decides to make a major capital investment in expanding their business and decides a new site/location is needed, there are many items to consider. We have assisted many industrial and commercial companies in Northeastern Ohio deciding the optimal location to expand and relocate their business by considering and evaluating the following:

  • Available Sites – With our extensive knowledge of available commercial and industrial property, we can perform property searches and negotiate land/building purchases for clients while keeping their names private. 
  • Existing Building Assessment – If a company is considering purchasing and existing building, we can evaluate the land/building to assess what improvements/repairs will be needed before occupancy takes place.
  • Geography – Are the existing road networks at potential new locations adequate to support the business? Is rail needed/available?  Where does the existing workforce reside and how will the new location impact the existing workforce?  Is the new location receptive to the business?  What is the feel of the community?
  • Zoning – Will the proposed sites zoning fit the business use?  If not, is there conditional zoning, or can the property be rezoned?
  • Easements and Encumbrances – By ordering an ALTA (American Land Title Association) survey we can make sure that any mineral rights, setbacks, right of ways, mine locations, encroachments, and proposed site access will not adversely affect the project.
  • Land Topography – Is the property flat and level?  If not, what will be the cost of excavation to get the site into a buildable condition?  This is a major expense that is often not considered.  What may appear to be the least expensive property can become the most expensive property very quickly.
  • Soil Analysis One of the greatest unknowns in any transaction is what lies below the surface. When you think of pre-transactional due diligence, one of the most common concerns is associated with the structural condition of the property and any existing onsite improvements. By performing a Geotechnical Soils analysis, we can get an in-depth look at site geology and geotechnical conditions to assure that the site can support the new structure, including parking and drive areas.
  • Environmental Issues – The first step in evaluating the environmental condition of the property is to perform a Phase I environmental survey.  We will also check for the presence of wetlands and to see if the proposed property is in a flood plain.  If the property is covered with trees, we may be compelled to perform a study for the presence of the Indian Bat.    
  • Utility Availability – Are storm sewer, sanitary sewer, water, electric, gas, and communications services available to the site?  Are these services adequate to support the business?  Will road bores be needed to get utilities to the site?  How deep is the sanitary sewer?  Will a lift station be needed?  Does the water service have adequate pressure and flow to support a traditional sprinkler system or an ESFR sprinkler system?  If not, will a fire pump be needed?  These are just some items we will assist in evaluating.
  • Tax Abatement – Is the proposed property in an Enterprise Zone or Community Reinvestment area?  What are the offerings in these zones/areas?  Is TIF funding available?  What are the income taxes at each site?  By working with the local Economic Development agencies, we will make sure that your company receives the most favorable terms.
  • Financing – By working with the leading lending institutions in the region and local economic development agencies, we can assist with evaluating what local, state, and federal programs are available for the financing of your project. 
  • Work Force Analysis – Does the new location have an adequate and qualified workforce available?  What training programs and workforce incentives are available at the new location?  How are the schools rated and what does their vocational program look like?  Are there tech schools, community colleges, and universities in the region?

Our team at Campbell Construction would be happy to assist you and your company through your next construction project.  From site selection assistance, design and engineering, budgeting/pricing, and construction services, we stand ready to be part of your expansion team.