One of the best ways to illustrate the quality of Campbell Construction’s design-build projects is to take a deeper dive into our actual work! In recent years, few projects have done a better job of illustrating our commitment to quality construction than our work with the Ball Corporation.

 Ball Corporation first reached out to Campbell Construction in 2015, in need of a 92,440 square foot addition to their food and household packaging facility in Canton, Ohio. This addition would house a new can printing line, where the Ball Corporation would cut, coat, and paint the steel coils used for their food and aerosol cans.

 Work on this industrial building began in September 2015, when Campbell Construction won the contract and undertook the design phase of the project. By December, work was ready to commence, with pre-engineered steel delivered courtesy of Butler Manufacturing.

 From that point on, work proceeded quickly until the project was completed in August 2016. In total, a design-build project that involved installing a large add-on that would effectively double the size of a pre-existing facility took less than a year.

 The quick results and quality construction for this $32 million project aren’t a fluke—they’re a direct outcome of Campbell Construction’s full range of services and dedication to exceeding customer expectations. By applying this same level of craftsmanship and dedication to each of our design-build projects, we can exceed your expectations as well.