Campbell Construction has used Butler Buildings in our builds since 1986. With an extensive history in the pre-engineered building space, Butler Buildings are the perfect solution for many design-build projects. Here’s a closer look at why we choose to build Butler Buildings.

What are Pre-Engineered Buildings?
Pre-engineered buildings are a structural system made up of rigid roof beams and columns, as well as wall and roof cladding. This unique structural system allows the frames to span widths as great as 300 feet without the need for supporting columns. This results in a spacious enclosure that is free of interior columns. Thanks to the added space, pre-engineered buildings are a popular choice for commercial, institutional, and industrial projects.

Benefits of Butler Buildings
The additional floorspace that is made available by using a pre-engineered building is just one benefit of using a Butler Building. Because the buildings systems (roofs, walls, and structural systems) are already engineered to work together, you don’t have to choose each element individually. This reduces design and engineering costs, leading to big savings for the project.

At Campbell Construction, our design-build team has decades of expertise working with these systems. Specializing in Butler Buildings allows us to work on complex building solutions, giving you more choices and faster results.

If you think a Butler Building could be the right fit for your next construction project, don’t hesitate to contact our design-build team at Campbell Construction. We’ll be happy to help you design and build a customized solution that perfectly fits your facility’s needs.