Companies like Versico Roofing Systems are a major reason why Campbell Construction is a top-rated roofing contractor for industrial customers.

Versico developed a reputation as a leading manufacturer of single-ply roofing systems since its start in 1993. They have led the charge in roofing technologies over the past 25 years by focusing on quality service and products for its customers.

With innovative products, such as the VersiGard EPDM, VersiWeld TPO, VersiFleece TPO, and others Versico is aimed at protecting your facility. They offer top-line roofing solutions, insulation, and accessories that provide durability and performance.

When coupled with Verisco’s dedication to customer service and innovation in roofing, they are a highly-respected company for roofing solutions.

Versico even offers alternative options, such as roofing gardens or skylights, to assist customers in meeting their overall goals for their facilities. Plus, the company offers warranties up to 30 years on its roofing solutions, so you know you can trust the end result.

Campbell Construction’s ability to exceed customer expectations happens because we work with companies who also provide quality products and offer top-notch customer service.

We can maintain our status as a quality roofing and building contractor for commercial customers due to manufacturers like Versico.

When you select Campbell Construction as your roofing contractor you can expect quality and professional outcomes.