A safe construction site is the best construction site. It doesn’t matter if you have the highest quality material, the newest machinery or the biggest budget if your people aren’t safe. This is why safety is a priority for us on every single construction project we do.

It’s important for contractors, even the most experienced ones, to be aware of safety concerns and current best practices. In order to deliver our clients the highest quality construction in Ohio, we believe in staying up to date with safety research and information. For example, according to a recent article titled “10 Construction Site Safety Tips”, the most cited safety hazard in the construction industry is regarding falls and fall protection as these are the most common type of serious worker injury. In order to prevent falls, workers should take the time to be familiar with their work area and never begin work in an area where fall protections haven’t been placed. Fall arrest systems need to be inspected before every use to ensure they are in proper condition. In addition, employers are required to provide fall protection systems to workers on walking or working surfaces with unprotected edges or sides that are six feet or more above a lower level. These protections can be guardrails, safety net systems and/or personal fall arrest systems.

At Campbell Construction, we care about everyone involved in our projects — from the business owners who contract with us to each construction worker. Safety is key to high quality construction projects and it’s always a priority for us.