At Campbell Construction, our specialty is in design-build construction. What is design-build? It’s a method of construction in which one company is responsible for both designing and building the project. The design-build method is very versatile and has been used successfully in a wide variety of projects all around the country, including manufacturing buildings, warehouse/distribution centers, schools, office buildings, medical fbuildings and retail facilities. Whatever your construction project, design-build can work for you. In fact, design-build accounts for over 40% of the non-residential construction market share, according to recent statistics.

What makes design-build a preferred method of construction? The answer is simple: The time and money saved by using the design-build method has been proven. According to the Design-Build Institute of America (DBIA), the unit cost is 6.1% lower and the construction speed is 12% faster compared to the design-bid-build model. That savings adds up quickly and can make all the difference in financing a project. Campbell Construction is a proud member of the Design-Build Institute of America. Having a single point of responsibility for all aspects of the project helps to streamline from beginning to end and helps to expedite the project every step of the way.