Construction Management services can offer you several benefits in your construction project, some you may have considered and others that may go unseen.

Campbell Construction offers a wide array of general contracting services, including construction management. Here are some benefits to consider construction management for your next project.

Construction management provides for the lowest possible cost for your next project, as fees are based on the selected lowest bidder. It also allows for a sales tax savings on directly secured materials in certain situations.

Utilizing construction management services can also be the best way to secure local contractors, if that is an important facet for your project.

Having a construction management firm in place can assist in early dispute resolutions and eliminates conflicts of interest. This occurs as an on-site construction manager is present during all phases of construction and is someone who does not perform design or trade contracting through its own workforce.

 Additionally, construction management services can provide design feedback during the early design phase, fast-track and properly phase the project, eliminates mark-ups of a subcontractor’s bids and change orders, and more.

And lastly, any cost-savings generated through the construction manger are returned to the owner at the project completion.

Campbell Construction Inc. has more than 60 years of competent construction management on countless projects. Let us help you during your next project.