Within the construction industry there are several categories of construction a firm or entity can specialize in. Two of those are commercial and industrial construction and between those two forms of construction services, there are major differences.

First, site planning for both is a major difference. When it comes to building location, traffic patterns, to lot size and several other factors, commercial and industrial construction in Ohio varies greatly. When it comes to commercial construction, such as retail centers, consumer access is the greatest concern that must be factored in. But for industrial construction, usually specialized conveyance requirements like 24 hour shipping must be factored in.

Building design and supporting infrastructure are also key differences. Commercial settings emphasize smooth foot patterns for consumers, while industrial facilities are centered around functionality in coordination with the type of manufacturing. Likewise, the supporting infrastructure in an industrial environment most often is geared towards heavy equipment.

Managing the two types of construction does require skilled project supervision and craftsmen at the site and must meet different established goals. But with industrial construction, custom fabrication, on-site equipment assembly, and large-scale installations are just a few additional considerations that make industrial construction a bit more challenging.

No matter if it is Commercial or Industrial construction, the experts at Campbell Construction are ready to assist you through every stage of the process.