At Campbell Construction, design-build construction has been a staple of our company and our passion since we opened our doors 65 years ago. We believe it’s where the best ideas originate from when developing a construction project.

What is design-build?

Design-build is a construction delivery method that provides clients with a single point of responsibility (and contact) throughout the design and construction phases of a project.

Every aspect of a project including preliminary design, construction drawings, engineering, construction services, subcontracting, permit acquisition, construction management, and more — are performed by a single entity. The design-builder manages all contracts with sub-contractors, vendors, and material providers. Plus, the design-build entity provides the client a single point of responsibility throughout the entire process.

The alternative of design-build, or the “traditional” construction process, entails the owner or client managing contracts with the designer and the general contractor, requiring the owner to serve as a middleman. This scenario is not typically preferred if one is not an experienced buyer of design and construction services. With the design-build approach there is only one contract between the owner and Design-builder and all aspects of a project are managed/performed by the design-build firm, resulting in well thought out economical facility design which results in decreased construction and facility operating costs.