A construction manager, also referred to as a general contractor or a project manager, is someone who plans, coordinates, budgets, and supervises a construction project from development through to completion.

Typically, a construction manager will perform numerous tasks on a project. For instance, a construction manager will prepare and negotiate cost estimates, prepare budgets, and work on timetables throughout the project.

But a construction manager will also perform countless other duties throughout a specific project. The construction manager will select the type of construction methods and strategies to be employed on a project, they will interpret technical information to field workers, and collaborate with architects, engineers, and other specialists working on the project.

A construction manager also deals with any delays or emergencies that arise on the job site and are responsible for complying with legal requirements, building codes, and other regulations throughout construction.

And perhaps most importantly, a construction manager will work as a liaison between the field work and the client. The construction manager’s job includes reporting on work progress and budget information to the project client.

Construction managers, simply put, coordinate and oversee every aspect of a construction project. They oversee the specialized laborers working at the job site, they schedule and coordinate a project to ensure it is completed on time (and done safely), and they make sure their clients are kept in the loop as everything progresses.