What does it mean when someone says they are a “self-performing” general contractor? And how can this help with your next big design-build project? These are valuable questions to consider when you need assistance with industrial building work. Working with a self-performing design-build contractor will offer several benefits.

A self-performing general contractor is a term used to describe a contracting company that uses its own team to take care of key construction activities (such as masonry or framing), rather than hiring third-party contractors to complete the on-site work.

As you might imagine, a general contractor who can complete most or all of the work in-house results in a more efficient and streamlined construction process. For one thing, your general contractor can better manage scheduling so the project is completed on time thanks to their ability to directly control the work schedule.

Better yet, a self-performing design-build contractor can help you save money. You won’t have to worry about additional administrative fees that sometimes result when subcontractors get involved. The general contractor can also use their knowledge to find materials and designs that stick to your budget, while still providing quality results.

When the general contractor has direct control over the work, they can better ensure a safe worksite and superior work. The experience and expertise provided by a self-perform general contractor will always provide you with a satisfactory outcome.