As a green construction company, Campbell Construction Inc., is committed to using every project it works on as an opportunity to evaluate and reduce environmental impact through those projects.

The Campbell team is at the forefront of sustainable, quality construction practices and technologies. We are ready to apply our knowledge of green practices (gained through experience) in order to help you understand the value in green construction, as well as the financial benefits to these projects through their lifetime.

Campbell Construction has been a member of the United States Green Building Council since 2008 and employs a LEED certified professional on staff.

What does all of this mean?

Campbell Construction, based in Wayne County, Ohio, recycles its own construction waste from job sites. We purchase materials that contain high percentages of recycled material wherever possible. And we design buildings through our engineering team with the environment in mind and strive to minimize a project’s effects on the environment.

We even strive to minimize site disturbance by orienting buildings to fit current grade levels.

Simply put Campbell Construction is a leader in green building construction long before it became a mainstream word and practice.

So contact the Campbell team for ways we can help improve your next project for your own use and to minimize its effects on the environment.