Construction companies assemble buildings, bridges, hospitals, schools, and other structures. They also excavate, demolish, repair, and alter buildings and the environment around us.

The industry poses many hazards along the way as workers engage in many different activities that expose them to injury.

They also work with the machinery of all shapes and sizes in order to get the job done right. Campbell Construction seeks to stand out from the rest of the industry by focusing on delivering a quality product to our customers.

We also strive to exceed customer expectations in the safest way possible for our employees.

Since our founding, we have provided quality design-build services, construction management, general contracting, and construction services to the industrial, commercial, education, and institutional sectors. Our staff of 60 employees takes the safety of everyone on a job site seriously.

We provide the appropriate training and equipment in order for our workers to do their job without incident.

People — from our employees to our clients — are our greatest asset. We are focused on limiting risks posed to our clients and workers and deliver you the best outcome for your construction project. We can help you achieve your construction goals in the safest way possible.