More and more facility owners are choosing to work with design-build construction companies these days, and for good reason. By consolidating everything from design and engineering to the actual construction services under one roof, facility owners can save time and money on important building projects.

 When working with a design-build company, your contractor is responsible for both the design and construction elements of the project. The contractor’s designers and builders work side by side to come up with a quality design and an efficient construction plan, which allows the work to proceed quickly without miscommunications or delays. Quite often, the design and construction work are completed simultaneously—each design phase is concluded shortly before the construction services team is ready to begin work on that phase.

 Ultimately, this setup helps significantly speed up the completion of your project. The schedule can be fast-tracked and design phases can be customized to site conditions thanks to the constant communication between the design and building teams. This makes it easier to discuss engineering alternatives, identify long lead items, and handle other important tasks.

 For the property owner, this also simplifies the project by providing a single point of contact for all relevant issues related to the work. With a streamlined, efficient approach to the work, you won’t have to worry about achieving desired results.