If you are not certain of the term design-build and what it means in the construction industry, you soon will.

Design-build has been our passion at Campbell Construction since our inception in 1953. Donald G. Campbell believed then in the design-build concept and we still believe strongly in it to this day. Quite frankly, design-build is the core of our business.

Design-build has become increasingly more popular over the past decade or so. Simply, design-build is a construction delivery system where project planning through to construction is done in-house with one entity. This allows for streamlined design work and a more efficient project start to finish. Plus, design-build projects give the owner more time and power by offering a single point of responsibility for their construction project.

Choosing a design-build firm to undertake your next project will help you save time and money. It will ensure nothing gets lost in the communication gap and if there are any savings we will find it.

By reducing time (from handing the project off from architect to general contractor), you can expect a construction project to be finished much sooner. And you can also expect better quality from conception to completion.