When it comes to construction projects in Ohio, there are two common methods—selecting the classic design-bid-build model or using the design-build method.

Under the design-bid-build construction model, a project owner needs to seek out separate entities to design the project, take the plans to the competitive bid process and then construct it. Sometimes the architect and general contractor have a limited working relationship or no past connection to each other whatsoever. This process takes time to move through each phase and can lead to added costs. For example, a typical construction project requires a lot of communication between architects, engineers and the construction contractor. If all three of these responsibilities are undertaken by separate entities, communication can be delayed and the design/construction schedule could be lengthened or delayed. In our opinion there is a much better option to the design-bid-build process – Design/Build.

With the design-build approach, a single company provides or manages all the design and building stages of a construction project. This method improves teamwork and communication because all management and supervisor roles are contained within one company. We have found this approach to improve the customer’s experience as well as reduce the overall cost of the project. This is why Campbell Construction is a design-build construction company.

With architects, engineers, and construction managers all under the same roof, we streamline communication with our customers. This enables your team to make sound decisions, many times resulting in the project being completed on time and on budget.