As many companies who have invested in design-build projects have learned, it pays to work with a team that can provide in-house construction services in addition to architectural designs. But what is it that makes these in-house teams so beneficial for your project? There are a few key factors worth noting. First is the streamlined work that comes from working with a company that uses an in-house construction services team. Rather than needing to find separate contractors for the different phases of the work, you can simply rely on one unified group to guide you through the commercial building process. This also allows for better internal communication between the individuals that will be working on your project, reducing the risk of human error and ensuring that the task is completed on time.

Using in-house construction services also lowers many of the costs associated with design-build projects. For example, design teams that use third-party contractors for the construction work generally charge management fees and supply markups in order to maintain profitability. When working with a company that has its own in-house construction services group, however, you can avoid these additional charges altogether. For higher-quality results and more affordable work, you can’t go wrong hiring a team that uses in-house construction services.