Campbell Construction Inc., makes construction in Ohio easy with its wide array of services to see your project through from concept to its completion.

At Campbell Construction, we excel at design-build construction projects and have the abilities to help develop your building’s concept and then have our team see construction through in a timely manner, all without breaking your budget.

Our team of architects provide a straight forward approach to implementing cost-effective designs. Our architectural solutions

We also have an in-house civil and structural engineering team capable of innovating a solution to any problem from a structural system to a stormwater detention/retention basin issue.

Construction management services — perform and oversee the design phase, manage the bidding process, select subcontractors and suppliers, obtain permits, and oversee the daily on-site activities — are Campbell Construction’s bread and butter, as a service we have provided since our company’s start in 1953 in Wayne County, Ohio.

General contracting and construction services of your project through to its completion has also been a core service since our creation more than 60 years ago, whether by managing and overseeing the project or bringing in our in-house craftsmen to complete any task.

And once the project is finished, Campbell Construction also offers experienced roofing and facilities maintenance services to ensure your building serves you for decades to come.

If Campbell Construction can assist you in any or all phases of your next construction project.