At Campbell Construction, we offer numerous services for you whether you are in the market for new construction project or your facility needs updating.

Let’s start with our passion which is design-build construction services. Since 1953 when Donald G. Campbell founded the company, Campbell Construction has had an affinity for design-build projects. This specialty of ours is sometimes referred to as the “master builder” approach and it’s one we enjoy.

Even though the majority of our projects are design-build, we offer numerous other services.

At Campbell Construction, we also provide engineering services. By having an in-house civil/structural engineer, we are able to provide valuable insight when designing pits, foundations, storm water retention systems and many other structural applications.

We offer Construction Management services on commercial, industrial, and institutional projects, something we have done since our founding in 1953. When we assume a construction management role on a construction project, we do not typically utilize our own tradesman. Instead, we would oversee a team of subcontractors and material suppliers on a project. We would oversee the design and engineering phase of the project, manage the bid process, select the subs, obtain permits, and then oversee daily activities.

Campbell Construction does have a team of skilled trade workers we can utilize in a general contracting setting or for general construction services. Our craft workers can perform utility work, excavation, masonry, concrete, steel erection, carpentry and countless other trades.

And lastly, we can take care of any facility through our facilities maintenance team.

When you select Campbell Construction, you know you are in great hands with any type of construction project.