Simpler, faster, better: Campbell Construction has been a Butler builder since 1986, a partnership that grew naturally out of a shared commitment to industry-leading quality construction. Pre-engineered metal structures are an excellent choice for commercial, industrial and institutional buildings, and when it comes to quality pre-engineered buildings, the bar is set by Butler.

Butler pre-engineered buildings are solid construction from the ground up, with every component thoroughly engineered and tested to deliver the best product possible. With high performing metal roofs along with sound wall, structural, and insulating systems, these pre-engineered metal buildings can meet the needs of a wide variety of facilities, especially the demands of a high-volume manufacturing and distribution center. And because Butler metal building systems require fewer parts than other building systems, they are faster and more economical to build. One of the biggest factors when it comes to lowering your construction cost is the schedule, and this is where Butler makes a world of difference. The numbers speak for themselves: Butler building systems have been shown to reduce construction times by up to 30% compared to conventional building methods.

Not only is Campbell Construction one of the largest pre-engineered metal building contractors in NE Ohio, but we have consistently been ranked in the top 100 pre-engineered metal building contractors in the United States. Ready to take the next step? Contact us to get your project started with our construction services.