Design-build is a popular project delivery method used across the construction industry with many benefits for the client, or entity undertaking a construction project of any size and scope.

Design-build is a method used by commercial contractors and industrial contractors where the design and construction services are contracted by a single entity, known as a design-builder or a design-build contractor.

The alternative form of seeing a project through from concept to completion is the design-bid-build process.

As may be apparent in the two types of construction paths, a design-build firm minimizes risk to the project owner and can reduce the delivery schedule of materials by overlapping the design and construction phases of a project. Simply put, a design-build firm serves as a single point of responsibility when undergoing a project of any size and scope.

Plus, you can never know exactly what prices may come through the bid process.

A design-build firm offers clear contractual remedies since one entity is responsible for all of the work undertaken on a single project. Quite frankly, a design-build firm helps to streamline a construction project.

 A design-build approach for your next construction project can also offer: improved project quality, cost-savings, time-savings, and improved risk management.

Campbell Construction, a Wayne County, Ohio company, excels at design-build construction with our team of architects, engineering team (civil and structural engineers), and design technicians.

Let us assist you with your next design-build project.