Across Ohio, everyone is preparing for winter — the snow, cold temperatures, and finding ways to battle both.

Winter weather can affect your building too, so here are a few tips to help prepare your facility for the cold.

Start by placing mats at entryways throughout your building and outside your doorways. Scraper mats are needed outside of your building, while transition mats should also be used throughout it. Walk-off mats are essential in order to keep your building clean from snow, slush, and salt employees and visitors will bring inside with them.

Along those same lines, examine traffic patterns throughout the carpeted areas of your facility. The rain, snow, and salt that is tracked inside your building will wear on your carpet.

Consider additional matting for high-traffic areas and make sure to clean carpets when it’s dry to remove dirt and soil before winter arrives.

Prepare any equipment you may need during the winter months to properly clean your facility and perform routine maintenance. These pieces of equipment include items like floor blowers, wet/dry vacuums, portable extractors, and auto scrubbers. By properly cleaning and performing maintenance on this equipment before winter strikes, you can ensure that your facility can be cleaned during the season.

Lastly, find the best products to clean and preserve your glass and stainless steel surfaces.

These surfaces look great when they are clean but moisture and debris can cause these surfaces to look dirty, especially in winter. Consider products that create a non-stick surface on features such as elevator doors, the glass on main doors, and other common surfaces.