Of the many people that work to make a design-build project a success, few are more important than the construction manager. But what does this position actually entail? Let’s take a closer look at how construction management professionals make a difference for a building team.

Construction management professionals act in a more administrative role, overseeing the entire design-build process from start to finish to ensure that the work is completed safely and efficiently. A major responsibility for construction managers involves managing communications between clients and contractors so every phase of the project progresses smoothly.

As part of their duties, construction managers will primarily oversee the quality control aspect of the work. They ensure that work is being completed on schedule, and that all contractors involved in the project are providing work that meets industry standards.

Construction management also entails a keen eye for business-related details. These professionals are responsible for overseeing project costs and finding solutions to keep the work under budget. They also manage any issues related to all contracts for the project.

Finally, construction managers inspect the worksite for possible safety hazards and take steps to correct them. With the help of these design-build professionals, everyone can be satisfied with the outcome of a construction project.