The first phase of any project is the planning and development phase. At this stage a site is selected, due diligence research is performed and then the design process commences.

The client along with the design-build contractor works to establish a budget and begins to secure financing for the project.

Next, construction drawings are prepared, a final fixed price is established, permits and approvals are obtained and then all quotes for materials and subcontractors are evaluated.

The final step of this phase is the selection of all material suppliers and subcontractors.

The next step is construction. The site is cleared and prepped and utilities and stormwater systems are installed. Each phase of the project is scheduled using Microsoft Project. All team members have access to the schedule and all other project documentation through our online project collaboration portal.

Every step/phase of the project is inspected to assure quality and customer satisfaction until the project is finished.

The final step of a construction project is occupancy. This is when the final touches are put into a building. Furniture is moved in and any equipment that requires calibration is installed before the keys are handed to the building owner.

Throughout every step of a project with Campbell Construction, you can expect constant communication and exceptional quality. This is our passion.